Playlists you need to shake off 2017 and grow in the new year

There is no greater reminder and motivator than music. Featuring artists local, large, and rising, these genre-bending playlists are the push we all need to progress into a new year. Because it’s okay to be sad, question your worth, feel stuck, or put up with shitty people, only if you dust off the negativity, break down walls to reach your paradise, and say peace to anyone causing you worthless stress. It all makes for good music, anyways.

Bye 2017

Damn, why do people suck? This country is trash. I’m just tryna eat and pay rent. They’re bogus, but I’m bored. I should be working harder. Thinkin bout ya. Life is moving too fast.

…Wait, I don’t need this or you? …Hold up, let me set my mind right.

Hello 2018

No one is stopping you but yourself. Bring your motivation and your people into the new year, and leave fear and anxiety in the strange time that was 2017. Move forward, find your joy, call your mom, fight the good fight, love yourself first, take no shit, create, and open yourself to opportunity.

Give yourself time and trust your process.

Listen to the full songs by clicking the Spotify icon, and if you like what you hear, give the playlists a follow!

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