Hi! I’m Alexandra and I’m usually daydreaming in Chicago but I love to take my headphones, notebook, and camera to new cities, countries, and continents when I can. I really love writing about the intersections of culture, music, feminism, and what the world would look like with a little more compassion.

I am just getting started with freelance writing after grant writing at a nonprofit. Which really means I can switch it up from professional persuasion to conversational blog writing real quick (lol hire me.) Right now I’m working to develop my writing toward more creative, storytelling pieces to inspire social action or foster necessary conversations to bring us back down to earth. Check out my recent work below or on the tabs above.

Here’s how you can support women in male-centric tourism economies, Wanderful, 2018

Riot Fest 2018, Rheostat, 2018

A Pocket Guide to Resistance Writing from a Place of Privilege, Writers HQ, 2018